Ritta (BOOK STORE Essen 2019)

Автор: Anna Bratkova
Размер: 8″, единственный экземпляр
Категория: Другие

Ritta (BOOK STORE Essen 2019)

Today I show for adoption last four bears of collection BOOK STORE Essen 2019!

Next collection dressed bears I am planning in the spirit of Christmas! Bears will be similar in size and design, but with different shades and moods of Christmas!
I think I will show it in End of November, 20-25 November

20 cm girl Ritta wear cotton jacket and felt/cotton dress, cartoon letter R
* mohair pile about 6 mm
* middle stuffed sawdust, heavy legs and hand paws with mineral granules, head hard stuffed
* 5 way discs /cotterpins joint
* glass eyes
* 100 % wool felt paws
* nose and paws embrodered and bee waxed

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Very sorry I NOT work with courier delivery as DHL, TNT and others!
I work with state post Ukrposhta Airmail, at the request of the buyer for an additional $ 5 -20, I can add some features that increase reliability and speed of delivery.

Shipping time 10 days-5 weeks
I marks a parsel with bear as "gift" and value of goods 30 euro for European countries (so that the buyer does not pay additional customs)

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Отзыв от Christa G.
Германия , – 28 сен 2019

Ritta ist so zauberhaft.
Die perfekte Ergänzung für ihren Bären Freund Fisher.

Отзыв от Elizabeth S.
Бразилия , – 7 май 2020

Five stars artista. Thank you very much

Отзыв от Elizabeth S.
Бразилия , – 6 июн 2020

One of my favorite bears. Thank you very much Anna.

Отзыв от Elizabeth S.
Бразилия , – 27 июн 2020

Received my bear ksenia today. Love it!!
Thank you very much for the beautiful bear.

Отзыв от Phillippa E.
Новая Зеландия , – 24 июн 2020

Thank you looking forward to making this cute little bear

Отзыв от Olivia G.
Швейцария , – 2 окт 2019
Отзыв от Vered P.
Израиль , – 29 июл 2020
Отзыв от Michelle T.
США , – 30 июн 2020

I love Tully. He is my favorite!!!! Well made and packed carefully for his journey.

Отзыв от Christa G.
Германия , – 30 май 2020

My beautiful Timian ended his long journey today and
has arrived in his new bear cave.
What a wonderful teddy bear.
He has such a lovely face and then his great coat color.
I am very excited about my new bear.

Отзыв от TOU P.
Macao , – 23 май 2020

Today I got four little teddies. All of them are making good quality. I always notice you. You need to keep going.

Отзыв от TOU P.
Macao , – 9 май 2020

Thanks for your glass eyes. You are so generous. The girl teddy is nice. I will love them.

Отзыв от TOU P.
Macao , – 2 май 2020

Is he handsome? He is cutie. Thanks for you candies. You are so sweet.!

Отзыв от TOU P.
Macao , – 23 май 2020

Are they twins? The first time to adopt this tiny bear from Anna. I like the small hat. It's lovely.

Отзыв от Obie B.
Австралия , – 20 дек 2018

A really wonderful bear beautifully crafted and great personality

Отзыв от Obie B.
Австралия , – 22 май 2019

Very cute little bear and so well made

Отзыв от Shira F.
Израиль , – 18 май 2020

I love Anna’s creatures...they are unique and you can see love and care in every tiny detail when creating them.
This isn’t my first purchase from Anna and I recommend her very much:)

Отзыв от Sue J.
США , – 2 май 2020

A miniature teddy bear...who can resist? Certainly not me! I bought 4 of them, and they look wonderful in my Bear collection. Thank you, Anna. You truly are a master bear maker.❤❤

Отзыв от Sue J.
США , – 2 май 2020

I now own 4 of Anna's teenies, and they are even cuter in person. And I have many of her larger bears. The workmanship is A++, and the reason I keep purchasing.❤🤗❤

Отзыв от Sue J.
США , – 27 апр 2020
Отзыв от Sue J.
США , – 9 май 2020

This sweet black bear was custom made for me, and I dearly love him.💙 Thank you, Anna.

Отзыв от Sue J.
США , – 23 май 2020

Look at her!! What a little sweetheart, full of personality. ❤ So well made. Anna's bears are extra special. 🤗

Отзыв от Sue J.
США , – 23 май 2020

You have to see this tiny little lady to realize how darling she is. Thank you, Anna. She is precious. ❤🤗❤

Отзыв от Lindsey B.
США , – 23 май 2020

Anna is an excellent teddy bear artist! I've been watching her work for years but seem to just miss out on the available bears. I was lucky enough this time to snag one of her tiny bears. She arrived today and she's so cute!

Отзыв от Shuang L.
Китай , – 18 апр 2020

Lenny is a very sweet blue bear, his smile makes me feel warm and comfort people.

Отзыв от Jutta S.
Германия , – 27 апр 2020

A wonderful pattern!!

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