by Anna Bratkova
Size: 8½″, one of a kind
Category: Bears


- Artist Teddy bear made of german viscose antiue

- stuffed sawdust

- glass german eyes

- 6 inch - 21 cm

- 6 way disc-pin jointed , a head (swing), arms, legs rotating 360 degrees

- decoreted velvet ribbon, bells, cotton collar, vintage button

Shipping cost: USD 15.00
(Ukraine United States)
Price: USD 110.00
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Review by Vivien G.
United Kingdom , on Jul 26, 2019

Pure work of art - this bear is outstanding! The clothes and details are quite exceptional. What a talent this artist has. So much thought goes into each bear to make him unique. I am so privileged to have this bear in my collection. Thank you so much Anna!

Anna Bratkova
Review by Lori M.
United States , on Oct 12, 2019

Incredibly precious little bear! Beautifully made!

Anna Bratkova
Review by Alice T.
United States , on Dec 22, 2018

Anna Bratkova
Review by Christa G.
Germany , on Nov 23, 2018

Evan, was für ein Herzensdieb, Er ist so traumhaft schön.
So ein richtig toller Bär. Da möchte man noch mal Kind sein.
Den hätte ich überall mit hin genommen.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Christa G.
Germany , on Jan 13, 2019

Sich küssende Bären, seht euch die anderen Bilder an.
Da konnte ich nicht widerstehen. Die Zwei sind ein Traum.
Anna, ich liebe deine Bären.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Christa G.
Germany , on Jun 29, 2019

Debby ist so ein wunderschönes Bärenmädchen.
Ich bin ganz verliebt in die Süße.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Christa G.
Germany , on Sep 17, 2019

Mein taumhaft schönes Bärenquartett ist jetzt komplett.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Christa G.
Germany , on Sep 17, 2019

Diese kleinen Bären sind so allerliebst.
Einfach nur zuckersüß.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Christa G.
Germany , on Sep 26, 2019

Ich bin über glücklich. Ich konnte nicht nach Essen und habe so einen traumhaften Schatz adoptieren können. Mehr Glück geht nicht.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Christa G.
Germany , on Sep 28, 2019

Ritta ist so zauberhaft.
Die perfekte Ergänzung für ihren Bären Freund Fisher.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Susan A.
United States , on Aug 12, 2019

Anna's bears bring me to my childhood. The textures and tactile quality of Anna's bears are very important in her work. Maybe one of the main reasons we reach for the bears, as collectors, is that the they offer safe haven, and unconditional love. Anna's bears are strongly stuffed but retain a softness, especially in the tummy. Every single bear that Anna makes conveys this feeling, and is waiting for a hug, and to give hugs. This is saying alot, because she is probably the most prodigious artist I follow. Her bears can be funny, understanding, quiet, or mischievous! But there is always tender expression as well. Some of them also have a great work ethic and wonderfully detailed, high quality clothing to match!! The clothing also has the character of Anna's country, which I truly admire. I am so lucky to have several of her bears, and each is a love. She uses high quality fabrics, and lovely colors. Her sewing is impeccable. Walter bear is my largest, and his expression melts my heart. I am so grateful for what you do, Anna, and I appreciate having Walter with me.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Alice T.
United States , on Oct 5, 2019

Anna Bratkova
Review by Shuang L.
China , on Jun 9, 2019

Everything is so detailed, the small pencil, the book, and the most important lovely bear indeed!

Anna Bratkova
Review by Judy H.
United States , on May 31, 2019

A perfect match or the little Girl, Abby that I purchased. Loved her so much I had to get a little boy.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Judy H.
United States , on Jun 14, 2019

Love her! So cute and so well made. You can tell she was made with love.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Mary Beth M.
United States , on May 21, 2019

Fluffy little guy, well made and sweet face.

Anna Bratkova
Review by Linda C.
Australia , on May 14, 2019

A very nicely made bear and I like the attention to details with the accessories and reasonable shipping cost too :o))

Anna Bratkova

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